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About Me

     Hello! My name is Peter Summit Yang and I am an Illustration Designer. My passion as an artist has grown after watching my favorite childhood films and cartoons such as Batman, Iron-Man, The Lord of the Rings series, etc. What really inspired me to drive forward is cultural perspective. After extensive research about the Hmong culture of where my family came and the Vietnam war we had been through, it strikes me to draw and to create a canvas about my heritage. My drive has influenced me to continue to be creative and to show what's never been seen before. In fact, my team screened two animation short films named “Sheared Happiness” and “The Demon Within” at the Woodland Opera House and Sacramento City Hall.

      Art has impacted me to seek virtuosity in dance. Dance is the foundation where I started to acquire my skill set. My enjoyment is to be creative and having freedom in art. Part of my process before drawing is to do research and to gather references to capture the structure and form of a human gesture without mimicking. Being an artist is to be creative, open minded, and constantly moving onwards. Furthermore, my specialty softwares are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, GIMP, Krita, Opentoonz, ToonBoom Harmony, Autodesk Maya, Z-Brush, etc.  

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